What Is Fiber Cement Siding And Why Should You Consider It?

Homeowners in the United States spend roughly $168 million annually on home repair and maintenance. Be prepared with siding that lasts to avoid annual repairs for cracks, fungus removal, or repainting.

What is fiber cement siding and why is it a better option for your home? Read on to learn the numerous benefits this siding type can bring to you and your home.

What Is Fiber Cement Siding?

Fiber cement siding is made up of water, wood pulp, fly ash, and Portland cement. It acts as an alternative to other siding options such as wood, stucco, and vinyl.

Fiber cement siding is highly acclaimed for its ability to check multiple boxes where alternatives leave you compromising. Expect to find fiber cement siding to be affordable, durable, and low-maintenance.

Contractors will be able to provide you with physical samples or walk you through a showroom to help you make your final decision on a siding. Take your pick of styles as the aesthetic fiber cement siding options are increasing.

Benefits of Using Fiber Cement Siding

Fiber cement siding combines style, durability, and affordability for a blend of benefits that make this option an increasingly attractive option. When picking out your next siding renovation consider what fiber cement siding will bring to the table. Weigh it against alternatives for a better idea of where your best value lies.

Repaint Less Frequently

The paint will not last forever on fiber cement siding. However, by choosing this route you can expect the paint to last up to fifteen years. Compared to wood siding options, fiber cement siding is a far less maintenance heavy option.

Weather Resistant – Standing the Test of Time Against the Elements

By using fiber cement siding you have the added benefit of extreme weather resistance. In the face of harsh storms, infestations or other natural causes of siding breakdown will not effect your fiber cement siding. You can expect to trust your siding not to rot away, develop unsightly cracks, or experience surface delamination.

Extended Life Span Makeup for Initial Costs

Due in part to its sustainability in all weather types, fiber cement siding has respectable longevity. This siding can be expected to last well past seventy-five years with the necessary maintenance checks. In fact, many contractors will offer a lifetime warranty, which is a positive reflection of its expected lifespan.

Best Non-Wood, Wood Look-Alike

You like the aesthetic appeal of wood but not the maintenance required of wood siding. That’s where fiber cement siding comes in. This option can simulate the visual aspects of wood siding to create the curb appeal you’re aiming for but eliminate the hassle that comes with wood.

You can even achieve the texture of wood grain due to the fiber’s natural feel. If you want an aged look, the fiber can be produced grainier to create a weathered texture that emulates weathered wood.

Fiber Cement Is Heat Resistant with Credentials to Prove It

Fiber cement siding is a Class 1 material with a rating of 0 for flame spreading. In the event of a house fire, the material is said to withstand the flames for one hour. It will not spread the flames, nor will it catch fire upon contact with a flame or heat.

A Variety of Styles for Every Taste

Fiber cement siding can be created in a multitude of colors and a variety of textures, giving homeowners all the customization options they desire. A unique look can be constructed to match the vision of the homeowners, and styles can be mixed if desired.

Homeowners can purchase a wood grain texture or stucco. The lay of the siding can be from lap siding to panels, depending on individual taste. It even comes in architectural panels.

Deciding If Fiber Cement Is Right for Your Home

Due to the visual appeal and weather resistance of fiber cement siding, it can be excellent for all home types. Even homes situated where tornadoes and hurricanes are prevalent can still enjoy the bonuses fiber cement siding brings to a house.

Fiber cement siding is generally a thinner siding, and so those located in colder climates may not pick this option as their first choice. However, if fiber cement siding is desired, other measures can be taken to improve the insulation of the home.

Are There Cons Associated with Fiber Cement Siding?

The major con of fiber cement siding is the initial labor costs of installing the siding. This siding commonly requires more work to install which is the reason for the amped-up costs. When considering fiber cement siding consider the long-term savings you will benefit from. Up-front costs could actually be saving you money in the long-term.

Reaping the Benefits: Fiber Cement as an Environmentally Friendly Siding

The trend toward environmentally friendly housing is not lost on this siding option. Fiber cement siding checks the box for being green due to its ingredients being largely recycled to start. In comparison to other siding options like vinyl, there are no toxins emitted upon creation of fiber cement siding.

Making the Move to Better, Green-Friendly Siding

Stepping away from other more familiar sidings might take some convincing. But by recognizing the number of benefits gained by installing fiber cement siding over all types, you will notice an automatic improvement in overall gain. You will turn from asking, “What is fiber cement siding?” to “How soon can I have it installed?”

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