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If you would like to come the G.H. Clark Contractors showroom in Prince Frederick, MD we have plenty of samples you can touch and feel. In addition, we can answer any questions you may have or walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

A casement window is a stylish and versatile window. Modern and sleekly designed, a casement window is a commonly sought after addition to many contemporary homes. Here at GH Clark, we have a variety of Casement windows available to suit your home. Why not take a browse through our excellent selection, we’re certain you will find the window for you.

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What is a casement window?

A casement window is one that is secured to a surrounding frame by one or more hinges. They typically tend to be small and narrow in appearance with a mechanism that allows you to open it and similarly to a door, this style of window swings outwards.

There are many styles of casement windows available although the most modern versions tend to be designed with a singular panel of glass.

This style of window is available in many different variations, the panel of glass that opens can be fixed at the top of the window or side, although the style that most are likely to be familiar with is a side hung casement window.

Casement windows are a popular choice as they provide maximum protection from outdoor elements and they are designed to provide effective ventilation too courtesy of their airtight frame. The design and structure of a casement window possess energy-efficient qualities too.

How much does a casement window cost?

Based upon general prices of casement windows you can expect to pay around $320 to $480 per window, which will of course increase when you add the additional costs of labor and installing the window. In total, this style of window is likely to cost around $500, although it may be a little higher.

Unfortunately, it isn’t possible to state an exact cost of a casement window as certain factors contribute to the overall cost. For example, it is dependent on your property and the size of the windows that you require. Larger windows are likely to increase the overall cost so it is necessary to bear this in mind.

At GH Clark, we are committed to keeping our customers happy which is why we offer a free estimate within a 1-3 day schedule. We also try our best to accommodate different circumstances by offering finance which is subject to approved credit.

Why is GH Clark the best option for a casement window?

There are many reasons why we would encourage you to purchase your casement window with us at GH Clark. Not only do we offer a labor warranty but we are also an industry-certified business with quality trained professionals. You can be assured that when you opt for GH Clark you will receive a high standard service.

We provide energy-efficient casement windows so you can enjoy a reduction in your energy bills following installation. Enjoy year-round comfort with a casement window that keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our casement windows provide effective insulation and ventilation and courtesy of their tight seals you aren’t going to be faced with any drafts.

For those areas in your home that are hard to access, here at GH Clark we have you covered. We provide casement windows that are simple to open and operate so you don’t have to struggle when trying to open and close your window. With a range of different designs on offer, you can choose from a crank handle or a foldaway handle that can be tucked away when not in use for a clean and compact look.

Our casement window handles are also designed with multipoint lock systems for added security and peace of mind in regards to the safety of your window.

With customizable options available we offer casement windows that will suit the style of your home. Additionally, we can accommodate existing window openings ensuring that your new window fits sufficiently. You can also choose the configuration of your casement window and the direction in which you would like it to open and function.

We also offer our windows in a variety of finishes essentially providing you with full control in regards to the appearance of the window, ensuring that it complements the existing exterior of your home.

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We cover a large area at GH Clark with a main showroom that is based in 530 Main St, Prince Frederick, MD 20678, if you’re in the area why not come in and browse our selection. Our opening hours are 9-5 from Monday to Friday. Additionally, you can give us a call on 410 – 414 – 7060, where we can answer any queries that you may have.

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