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If you would like to come the G.H. Clark Contractors showroom in Prince Frederick, MD we have plenty of samples you can touch and feel. In addition, we can answer any questions you may have or walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

Do you live in a local beauty spot? Do you have a breathtaking garden you want to look out at all day? A Picture Window might be exactly what you need. These types of windows are great for those looking for wide, uninterrupted views of the outside world. Picture windows come in all shapes and sizes, here at GH Clark we’re on hand to help you find exactly what you need.

At GH Clark we have an unsurpassed selection of Picture Windows, let us help you find the right window for you by ringing us today on 410-414-7060, or visit showroom.

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What are Picture Windows

Picture Windows are quite similar to Fixed Windows, in that they also don’t open. However, there is a major benefit to picking Picture Windows over Fixed Windows if you want to make the most of the views that surround your house.

Picture windows are made up of one, uninterrupted pane of glass. They do not open, and they tend to have slim frames. Picture windows can vary from small, square windows in outbuildings to spectacular floor to ceiling windows allowing you to enjoy panoramic views and breathtaking amounts of sunlight.

How Much Do Picture Windows Cost

At GH Clark, we don’t take a one size fits all approach to windows, therefore we make all our windows from scratch to suit each customer’s needs.

We have a large choice of windows in all shapes, sizes, and styles. We also offer a large range of finishes and fittings to suit your personal style.

For us, no project is ever the same, so we offer personalized quotes, as unique as our products.

For a no-hassle, no-problem quote or to book an appointment, call us on 410-414-7060. Or visit us at our showroom in Prince Fredrick and book an appointment with one of our specialists there.

We can also offer financing on all our projects – more information is available here.

Why is GH Clark the Best Option for Picture Windows?

If you are considering having Picture Windows installed in your home or business, you don’t have to look any further than GH Clark.

Our team of expert designers and fitters will build and install a set of Picture Windows that meets your exact needs.

Always Made from Scratch

At GH Clark we take your needs and unique situation and make your window from scratch – we in fact do this with every window we make. We have our expert designers create these windows, and our experienced fitters will instal them for you. Unlike straight from the box, pre-made windows, our windows fit perfectly every time.

Financial Support

We offer a lifetime warranty with every installation. This warranty on our windows means that we’ve got your back whatever happens. We want you to enjoy the results of your life-changing project for a lifetime.

In addition to this, we are happy to announce that we can now offer financing on all of our available projects. We understand that having the windows in your house changed or renovated can have life-changing consequences, and we also understand that this can sometimes be an expensive thing to do. Through our financial support, we are able to help you make these investments securely.

Kind on Your Wallet

We at GH Clark want to install windows that improve many different aspects of your day to day life. How does lowering your monthly energy bills sound? The good news is our high quality, insulated windows can help with this.

ENERGY STAR is trusted by millions of people across the USA to provide independent and honest ratings of products’ efficiencies. We are very proud to say that our windows are all well rated by ENERGY STAR. With the help of our quality insulation and lifetime warranties, you’ll be reaping the benefits of switching to our windows for a long time.

We use Argon Gas, a molecularly dense gas between each pane of glass in our windows. Argon is a poor conductor of heat and therefore is an effective window insulator – helping to maintain the temperature of your home. We use Argon Gas in all our windows.

Areas that GH Clark covers

Here at GH Clark, we aim to offer top service and the best windows possible to our coasters, across a large area. Check out the list below to see if your area is covered.

These areas are covered by GH Clark: (Maryland)

  • Calvert County
  • Broomes Island
  • Chesapeake Beach
  • Dowell
  • Dunkirk
  • Huntingtown
  • Lusby
  • North Beach
  • Owings
  • Port Republic
  • Prince Frederick (Office Location)
  • Saint Leonard
  • Solomons
  • Sunderland
  • Annapolis
  • Anne Arundel County
  • St. Mary’s County

For more information call us on 410-414-7060 to get a hassle-free, no-pressure quote today, or visit our showroom in Prince Frederick.

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