Your Ultimate Guide To Garden Windows

Garden windows project outward from your wall. They are a three-dimensional window with glass on the top and three sides for reinforcement. Garden windows allow the penetration of light into your living space.

You can use the space for houseplants. Naturally, garden windows are ideal in the kitchen and bathrooms. However, the window can be still be used in parts of the house where more light is required.

Garden windows transform your living room by giving it a taste of nature. The protruding window creates a beautiful view to showcase your kitchen.

A kitchen garden window will create more space and allow you to create a section to showcase your favorite décor. If you want to install a mini greenhouse, you can use an E glass to shield your plants and regulate temperature.

The cost of garden windows depends on your preferences. Your style determines the kind of garden window to purchase.

Technically, garden windows are suited for all homes. The cape cods and geometric windows create a custom touch. If a garden window is added to your house, it adds interior dimensions and gives your room a modern style.

The market offers garden windows, depending on your preferences. Some of the designs are engineered to provide beauty and enhance energy efficiency.

Want a way of showcasing your garden in style? Have you thought about installing garden windows? Below, you will learn everything you need to know about this style of window.


Garden window replacement will cost you an average of $175 per window. However, if you want your window to be sleek and stylish, high-end window replacements cost $1200. If you are looking for new garden windows for sale, their average cost plus installation fees are $2000-$4000.

Features of Garden Windows

Usually, garden windows are built to last. They are energy efficient to save you money. Garden windows are made of a 1-inch-thick layer of insulated glass. Unless you want to allow air circulation, the garden window has twin sealing vents located on the sides to make your day fulfilling.

PVC vinyl frame is what make garden windows. The material makes the windows rigid and strong. The reinforcements in the structures guarantee efficiency. It safeguards the window frame from peels and blisters.

Other features include a sloped roof which guarantees quicker water run-off. The multi-point locking system assures proper sealing against outside elements. There are garden windows that come with weep channels.

The special channels are designed to keep the interior dry. A fabric insect screen deters insects such as bugs from accessing your living room. The virgin lead-free vinyl ensures that your garden window lasts a lifetime.


Your garden windows for kitchen will need some installation. The cost of installation varies depending on the size of your window.

If you have a standard garden window, it won’t be expensive. On the contrary, if you want your garden window to be unique, you will have to dig deeper into your pockets.

A professional plumber must do the installation. During the process, dry fitting is done to support the window during installation. The plumber will use screws to attach the window to the wall.

Fiberglass is added to fill the gaps around the unit. To cover the air spaces, a plumber can recommend sealant.

Decorating the Garden Window

Plants are the ideal item that should be placed in your kitchen garden window. It gives your house a modern touch by purposefully arranging the plants.

You should not clutter your garden window with ordinary plants. Instead, be creative! Come up with a bountiful arrangement. You can arrange your plants based on their size or color.

Benefits Of Garden Windows

One of the primary goals of replacing your windows is to increase the intensity of natural light in your home. If your kitchen is dark, the garden window will allow more light inside. Light will transform your kitchen and make it appealing.


If you are a home chef, you might want to plant fresh herbs. Your garden window is the most ideal place to do some cultivation.

The condition at the window is favorable and can sustain the growth of fresh herbs. When the herbs are ready for harvesting, you can still utilize the sunlight for drying them in the gardening window.

Garden Windows Provide Sight Lines

If you are a parent, you need to install a garden window. The window will help you monitor your backyard and track how your kids are playing. The window has four lanes to give you a multi-directional view of the yard.

The Resale Value of Your Property Escalates

If you are contemplating to sell your home in the future, you need to replace the existing kitchen windows with garden windows. This is some of the custom touches that entice new homebuyers.

Having garden windows ensures that the property yields good returns. More buyers will want to purchase your home.

It Decorates Your Kitchen

Potted plants are a perfect decoration. They make your kitchen area lively. They also add fresh oxygen in your room.

Installing the kitchen garden above your sink will make it more comfortable during watering. The plants brighten your room and make it cheerier.

Garden Windows Are Energy Efficient

Adding a garden window saves you money. The windows are made of thick frames to prevent the leakage of air. The PVC frames make the garden windows energy efficient.

Replacing your traditional windows with the garden windows will save you over $500 annually. The windows are also beneficial to the environment.

The windows help reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. What’s more? Garden kitchens make your home comfortable. You won’t deal with fluctuating temperatures.

Garden Windows

If you are living in an older building, you need to replace your windows. An energy efficient garden window could be the perfect choice for your Southern Maryland home.

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