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If you would like to come the G.H. Clark Contractors showroom in Prince Frederick, MD we have plenty of samples you can touch and feel. In addition, we can answer any questions you may have or walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

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Awning and hopper windows are very similar in appearance, they simply differ in the way that they open. At GH Clark we offer an excellent selection of awning and hopper windows that are bound to complement the style of your home.

What is an awning window?

An awning window is designed with hinges on the top, opening fully outward this style of window provides effective ventilation and sufficient protection from the rain. Wider in size than height, an awning window is best suited to an area that has a decent amount of surrounding space for it to open to its full capacity.

An ideal style of window for those seeking greater privacy, courtesy of their basic yet modern design they are a welcome addition to many homes.

What is a hopper window?

Similar in appearance to an awning window, a hopper window is designed with hinges at the bottom and can be opened inwards or outwards. Providing maximum ventilation, the hinged bottom design allows them to open fully for efficient air circulation.

Hopper windows are a particularly popular choice for rooms situated near the ground as their effective design prevents the build-up of precipitation and the presence of wind.

How much does an awning/hopper window cost?

Many factors influence the final cost of your awning or hopper window. This includes the style of your home and the size of the window that you require. For this reason, it isn’t possible to state an exact price for this style of window.

For a more accurate indication regarding the final cost of installing these windows to your home specifically, we offer a free estimation which can be carried out in a 1-3 day schedule. This aims to provide you with a clearer idea of the final cost.

Awning windows are a fairly affordable option and based on general pricing you can expect to pay around $300 to $550 for your window. Again based on general costs, a hopper window typically costs between $200 to $700. Of course, it is necessary to consider the additional costs of labor and installation too.

Why is GH Clark the best option for an awning/hopper window?

At GH Clark we pride ourselves on providing excellent quality windows to our customers, and there are many reasons why we believe we are the best option for your awning or hopper window.

First and foremost we offer finance so if you aren’t able to pay the total cost in one go you can pay it in installments if credit is approved. We also offer a labor warranty and are very confident in our professionals. As an industry certified business, you can be assured that you will receive the best quality service provided by our quality trained professionals.

Whether you opt for a hopper window or an awning window due to their similar design, both are relatively simple to operate. You simply need to use the handle to push the window inwards or outwards depending on their style. They come in particularly handy for those difficult to access areas, although, for awning windows, in particular, we recommend installing them in an area that has enough space for the window to open to its full capacity.

We provide awning and hopper windows that provide you with an equal amount of ventilation and natural light. This style of window allows you to maintain your privacy too, as you can open them to the angle that you choose. Additionally, at GH Clark, we provide weather-resistant windows, evident in awning windows particularly. Impressively, this style of window allows you to open the window slightly, and the angle will ensure that the rain runs off, ultimately protecting you from any harsh outdoor weather.

We offer customizable options too, selecting the appropriate size that is going to be suitable for your home, providing windows that accurately fit into existing openings too. The customizable options don’t end here, we also offer windows in different colors and hardware finishes too.

When it comes to durability, our windows at GH Clark do not disappoint. Our awning and hopper windows are made using vinyl which is energy efficient and damage resistant. They have also been designed with fully welded frames for enhanced strength and durability. Both the sash and frame feature reinforced aluminum too. We certainly do not disappoint in the quality and construction of the windows that we provide.

Areas that GH Clark covers for an awning/ hopper windows

We cover an extensive number of areas, each of which are listed below. We also have a main showroom which is situated at 530 Main St, Prince Frederick, MD 20678. If you live in the surrounding area why not pop in to browse our amazing selection of awning and hopper windows.

State – Maryland

  • Calvert County
  • Broomes Island
  • Chesapeake Beach
  • Dowell
  • Dunkirk
  • Huntington
  • Lusby
  • North Beach
  • Owings
  • Port Republic
  • Prince Frederick (Office location)
  • Saint Leonard
  • Solomons
  • Sunderland
  • Annapolis
  • Anne Arundel County
  • St. Mary’s County
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