Downspouts are essential pieces of equipment to any house and therefore it is imperative that you find a high-quality supplier that you trust with such a responsibility. GH Clark is the provider for you with premium quality, competitive prices, and warrantied labor and materials. Let’s take a deeper dive into how GH Clark can help you with your downspout needs.

What Are Downspouts?

Downspouts are vital when it comes to protecting your home from rainfall. Gutters and downspouts have been shown to reduce the amount of damp and mold in a house. To avoid structural damage costing you a lot in the long run, you should always keep your downspouts in the best quality possible.


As rain falls onto the roof of your house it will drip into the guttering system. As long as the gutters are clean and free of obstructions, the water should flow steadily down the gutter and into a vertical pipe that reaches down the side of the house and into a drainage system. This is the downspout. 

Without a downspout, you would find that the water collected by the gutter would fall out of the end of the gutter and splash everywhere as it hit the floor. There is no guarantee that the water would end up in the drain and it could cause more structural damage to your house by compromising the earth below. 

As you can see, downspouts are extremely important for houses and buildings alike – particularly if you live in an area in which rain is the most common weather condition. GH Clark offers a range of downspouts that are certain to help you protect both your house and passersby from unruly rainfall.  

How Much Do Downspouts Cost?

Unfortunately, we cannot give you a set cost of how much a downspout for your house is. This is because we don’t know what material it is made from, nor do we know how long it needs to be or the specific measurements. 

However, we can give you an estimated cost of different types of downspouts. These pipes are most commonly made from PVCu plastic or cast iron metal. The latter is more expensive but also more durable, so you can decide whether you’d prefer low cost over high durability. 

If you’re only replacing the downspout you might want to choose the material that your intact guttering system is made from. Plastic downspouts can cost around $25 per meter and cast iron can cost around $75 per meter. 

Bear in mind that this is only the cost of the material and not the installation cost. You can give us a call at (410) 414-7060 for a free, no strings attached quote for your downspout. We’re open Monday through Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm. 

Why GH Clark Is The Best Option For Downspouts

GH Clark offers downspouts in only the highest quality materials possible to ensure that your house will not be compromised by a faulty guttering system. Choosing GH Clark will see that your downspouts are weather and corrosion resistant for many years to come. 

If everything goes to plan, you won’t even need to think about your downspouts again for upwards of 40 years! You can choose from different colors to match your guttering system – either Spectra Gutter Colors or Mastic Gutter Colors. You also have the option to use a visualizer tool to help you get a better idea of the colors. 

GH Clark offers you an impressive warranty on all of the labor and materials used to create and install your downspouts. This means that if something were to go wrong you could be covered by a protective warranty. However, we highly doubt that you’ll ever need to use your warranty thanks to the high-quality of our downspouts. 

We also offer three payment plans to help you cover the cost of your downspouts and anything else you might be purchasing from us. We want to make sure that your house is as safe and secure as possible, no matter the circumstance. If you’re worried about cost you can call us at (410) 414-7060 to discuss our payment options and how we can help you.

No gutter system is complete without downspouts. The goal of a downspout is to carry water down to the ground level so it can be diverted away from the main structure or house. This is necessary as standing water running around your house can cause problems including foundational cracks, wet basements, and other water damage.


G.H. Clark contractors can determine the correct downspouts for your project. We use the best materials available to ensure your downspouts will withstand the elements for years to come. In addition, all labor and materials are warranted for your protection.

Our downspouts are available in all seamless gutter coil colors

Areas GH Clark Cover For Downspouts

GH Clark prides itself on our inclusivity around the USA. We are primarily based in Price Frederick, but we have spread out into different areas all over the USA so that you can easily reach us from wherever you are. 

We cover 18 areas in total, each of which is accessible for everyone. You can find the closest area to you below and call to book an appointment with one of our professionals: 

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