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Bay and bow windows are a great addition to any home, giving your rooms some additional dimension and life. If you’re interested in installing bay and bow windows into your home, might we suggest you look no further than GH Clark? Our selection is unmatched and we guarantee that you’ll find the perfect windows for your project.

Bay Window

What are bay and bow windows?

Bay and bow windows are very similar in the sense that they both protrude from the exterior of the house. They are made up of more than two panels and offer you more room inside the room for a window seat, shelves, or storage.

However, there are also some distinct differences between bay and bow windows, which we’ll detail below.

Bay windows

Bay windows usually made up of three panels; however, they can adopt up to five panels. The middle panel is the largest and the two smaller panels sit either side and attach to the window frame. The angles that the smaller panels are fixed onto the windows are fixed and cannot be adjusted. Bay windows are very popular in both modern and historic houses alike.

Bow windows

Bow windows are often larger than bay windows and they use more panels to create a curved look rather than a sharp structure, creating a bowed shape. They’ll often feature 4 to 6 panels, but there is the option to opt for even more panels. The possibilities are endless!

Bow windows are longer than bay windows, but their width is less substantial. This means that bow windows won’t reach away from the exterior of your building as much as bay windows will. Victorian-style houses greatly benefit from bow windows, but they’re also beginning to become popular in the modern scene.

How much does bay and bow windows cost?

Unfortunately, we have no way of determining exactly how much your bay and bow windows are going to cost. However, we’ve collated some of our average prices to give you some insight into the overall cost that you might be looking at.

Bay and bow windows are made up of more than one panel of glass and therefore cost more than flat windows do. They also often need to be custom made to your specifications, which adds more labor charges to the bill.

Bay windows made from uPVC are often priced starting at $1,000 for a 3-panel model, around $1,500 for a 4-panel window, and upwards of $2,000 for a 5-panel bay window. On the other hand, uPVC bow windows are slightly more expensive and start at $1,500 for a 5-panel 3500 x 3500 window, around $2,000 for a 5-panel 3500 x 4000 model, and can reach prices of up to $3,000 for a 5-panel 4000 x 4000 bow window.

GH Clark offers three installment plans to help you cover the costs of your bay and bow windows; however, so we suggest that you call for a free quote. There is no obligation after the estimate has been given, so feel free to give us a ring on (410) 414-7060 between the hours of 9 am to 5 pm, Monday to Friday.

Why GH Clark is the best option for bay and bow windows

GH Clark creates all of their windows from scratch so that they’re custom made to every individual order. This means that your bay and bow windows will be exactly what you need for your house, without the hassle of ill-fitting windows and expensive amendments.

Bay and bow windows can be rather expensive, particularly when you’re purchasing more than one, so a great benefit that GH Clark provides you with is a free lifetime warranty. That’s right – you don’t have to worry about your investment going down the drain in case you’re not satisfied with something.

GH Clark bay and bow windows are created with impressive insulation to keep your energy bills at a minimum. Each of the panels will have a layer of argon gas trapped between each of the panes. As the gas is heavier than air, it prevents heat from escaping through the glass.

In fact, GH Clark windows are ENERGY STAR rated and therefore you’ll see an impressive difference in your overall consumption. Think of your bay and bow windows as investments into your future – choosing GH Clark will ensure that you save money in the long run through your household bills.

Areas GH Clark covers for bay and bow windows

Here at GH Clark, we believe that everyone deserves to be able to access the best windows possible, so we cater to a large variety of areas. Below are the areas that we cover:

  • Maryland
  • Calvert Country
  • Broomes Island
  • Chesapeake Beach
  • Dowell
  • Dunkirk
  • Huntingtown
  • Lusby
  • North Beach
  • Owings
  • Port Republic
  • Prince Frederick (Office Location)
  • Saint Leonard
  • Solomons
  • Sunderland
  • Annapolis
  • Anne Arundel County
  • St. Mary’s County
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