PVC Decking


PVC decking is a great choice for your porch or other outside seating space.

This 21st century alternative to traditional wooden decking is minimal-maintenance and easy to clean. Say goodbye to all your seasonal decking maintenance rituals. No more scrubbing, no more winter worry, no more anything but relaxing on your stylish modern deck.

Because it’s entirely made of plastic, PVC decking also offers unbeatable resistance to the things that can age or stain other forms of decking.

Why Choose PVC?

Don’t Blame It On The Sunshine…

If you’ve previously had traditional wooden decking, you know that while it offers an old-world charm and an organic warmth, it can be a high maintenance choice for more reasons than seasonal cleaning.


If you live in a particular sun-trap area and want to make the most of your decking, traditional wood can bleach or discolor under the onslaught of the sun’s rays. PVC decking won’t give you that problem. It will stay the color you choose, summer, winter and for years to come.

Don’t Blame It On the Rainfall…

Similarly, if you like to sit on your decking and watch the rain fall, with traditional wooden decking, there’s always a worry. Wood can let water in – whether it be as rainfall or as dew from chilly Fall mornings. That can weaken your wooden decking, or lead to warping and rotting. You can treat your wood and stain it to prevent the water getting in, but that all adds to your annual decking maintenance – both in price and in terms of hard work.  PVC decking won’t warp in the rain, and is water-resistant, so it won’t crack or rot either.

Don’t Blame It On the Woodworm…

The shift from traditional wood to natural-looking PVC decking also keeps you safe from the kinds of mold that if left untreated can grow on wood, making it look unsightly and potentially weakening the wood. Also, while the woodworm is a commonly known phenomenon, the PVC termite has yet to be spotted in the wild, mostly because it doesn’t exist. That means less work for you each year in keeping your decking free of critters, and more time enjoying your decking as the lifestyle enhancement it should be.

Set Yourself PV-Free

Did we say less maintenance time? Remember all the time you spend staining, sanding and repainting your traditional wooden decking? Time to grab the beverage of your choice and sit reminiscing about all that hard work – with PVC decking, you’re all good. Once it’s down, it’s down, and because it doesn’t discolor, fade or attract mold and critters, you’re pretty much done. Maybe an occasional hose down, sweep with a broom to get rid of any leaves that might have come to visit, but all the hard work of yearly deck maintenance is now, more or less, somebody else’s problem.

Many people say that PVC is less ‘green’ than using standard wooden decking. There’s something to that – plastic-based materials like PVC are less recyclable than wooden decking. But on the other side of the equation, PVC decking does not add to the problem of deforestation, meaning it leaves the trees – and the rest of us – to breathe free.

Lighter and more flexible than traditional wooden decking, with all the time-saving advantages and maintenance-light we’ve mentioned, if you’re looking for a clean, modern, efficient and labor-free decking material, PVC is the way to go.

But Why GH Clark?

We understand you have the world at your fingertips when it comes to getting new or replacement decking contractors.

We Stand By You

Here at GH Clark, we will always strive to give you the best contracting experience you’ve ever had, for a price that’s fair. We believe in standing behind our work. That’s why we use only the finest materials and skilled labor, to ensure any manufacturer warranties for your decking are maintained.

That means we can bring the very best in PVC deck-laying to you. Our staff have taken the relevant training provided by our decking manufacturers (at least 40 hours, as well as continuing education). That means we’re qualified to provide you – and your decking – any aftercare or support you need. And because we’re a family business, you have the added security of knowing that the buck stops with us.

We Are Family

We are a family-owned Maryland business, based in Prince Frederick. We service houses across Broomes Island, Calvert County, Chesapeake Beach, Dowell, Dunkirk, Huntingtown, Lusby, North Beach, Owings, Port Republic, St Leonards, Solomans and Sunderland, as well as Prince Frederick.

We also re-invest in the Maryland community, providing long-term jobs and training for local craftsmen and specialists.

Call us today on (410) 414-7060, and we’ll be delighted to give you a no-pressure, no-hassle quote for the work you want done on your decking, or to discuss your PVC decking needs in general, to make sure we can deliver you the deal your family deserves.

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