9 Reasons Annapolis Residents Prefer Asphalt Roofs

When looking for a new roof in Annapolis, there are several different options to choose from. The selection can be quite overwhelming, as each type of roofing material has a different set of characteristics to offer.

Asphalt shingles are one of the most common roofing materials for both residential and commercial properties, and for good reason. These thin shingles have many distinct features that can benefit your property.

Understanding a few of the largest advantages of choosing to install an asphalt roof can help you determine if asphalt shingles are the right choice for your home.

Affordable Pricing

One of the largest benefits of asphalt shingles is their cost. Since it is so widely available, you can easily find a style within your budget. This makes asphalt shingles the ideal choice for homeowners with a tight roofing budget.

Of course, if you want thicker shingles or a specialized appearance, more expensive options do exist. This means that asphalt shingles will always be able to fit the needs and budget of your project.

Speedy Installation

Another thing to note about asphalt shingles is that they are easy to install. In fact, they need no specialized equipment besides a hammer and nails. This makes it easy to install asphalt shingles on flat or sloped roofs, no matter their size.

This makes it easy to repair or replace damaged shingles yourself in a pinch. It also shortens the installation time for your roof and reduces associated labor costs and the disruption to your property.

The light weight of asphalt shingles also means that your roof does not need extra support. This is a problem that can drive up the costs of heavier roofing materials like slate.

An Asphalt Roof is Sustainable

Unlike other types of roofing materials, you can choose asphalt shingles made from recycled materials. While this does represent an added expense, it improves the environmental friendliness of your property.

Further, you can recycle all your asphalt shingles if you ever remove them in the future. They will be melted down and turned into pavement or similar material. In 2017, just under a million tons of asphalt shingles were recycled into pavement.

Aesthetic Appeal

Asphalt shingles come in many different colors and shades. This gives you the chance to customize the appearance of your roof. You can decide to make it unique or blend it into the appearance of your siding and other exterior surfaces.

You can also choose laminated asphalt shingles, which are thicker than traditional shingles. They can provide visual texture to your roof, and offer a more durable protective layer to your property. Laminated shingles can even mimic the appearance of wood, clay tiles, and other roofing materials.

Sound Insulation

Another thing to note about asphalt shingles is that they are very good at muffling sound. Unlike metal roofing, they will not make noise when rain, snow or hail hits them.

This is even more relevant if you choose to install laminated shingles. The added material will muffle noise even further. This makes asphalt shingles a great choice if you live near a major source of noise, like a school or highway.

Reduce Energy Bills With a Cool Roof

Asphalt shingles come in a range of different colors. Lighter shades and shingles made to be reflective will prevent your roof from absorbing sunlight. This can help keep your home cool during the summer.

By keeping your home’s interior cool, asphalt shingles can reduce how long your air conditioner needs to run for. This can translate into large savings on your energy costs each month and can pay against the cost of your roof.

Wind Resistance

Asphalt shingles are resistant to wind damage if properly maintained. While each manufacturer will offer a different warranty length, in general, you can expect your roof to be covered for at least 15 years.

There is even evidence of shingles older than 30 years standing up to Hurricane Ivan in 2004 – though they were properly maintained and repaired as necessary beforehand.

Fire Resistance

Another benefit of asphalt shingles is that they come in fire-resistant variants. You should look for shingles that come with a Class A fire rating, which means that fire will not easily ignite the shingles and will spread slowly over their surface.

Most of the time, Class A shingles will be reinforced with another material, like fiberglass, that won’t burn. While this does represent an added cost when compared to regular shingles, it is well worth the peace of mind – especially if you live in an area that

Low Maintenance

Additionally, asphalt shingles are a low maintenance roofing material. Regular cleaning once or twice a year, usually before and after winter, and a professional inspection once a year is more than enough to stay ahead of any potential issues or leaks.

As already mentioned, it is very easy to replace damaged or torn shingles. The repair process consists of removing the shingle above the damaged shingle, taking the nails out, and nailing a new shingle into place. The entire process can be completed in a few minutes, and you can even do it yourself if you have basic tools and construction knowledge.

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