Our Renovation and Remodeling Process

G.H. Clark Contractors can complete any addition or renovation project for you. Below is how we proceed with a remodeling / renovation project for your home:

✓ Meet with homeowner to discuss and review goals of the project.
✓ Determine project scope with regard to budget.
✓Establish in what price range the project cost is likely to be. This cost is considered a “ballpark” figure and does not represent an estimate, bid or proposal to perform contract work. It is intended to establish a target design budget only.

If the project is feasible with regard to budget and existing conditions, we will prepare and present the “Design Phase” contract and after acceptance we will:

✓Photograph and measure all necessary/affected areas of the home.
✓Provide solutions to the major design problems or issues.
✓Produce preliminary design drawings consisting of existing conditions, floor plans of remodeled and /or new space and elevations.
✓Develop project specifications (Clearly defined product, material and scope of work).
✓Prepare the proposal and contract for construction.
✓The cost of this phase is determined by the size and scope of the project and can range from 5-10% of target project cost.

At the completion of the Design Phase agreement, you will have:

✓Completed design drawings.
✓Detailed Project Specifications .
✓Fixed Price Contract based on actual project costs.
✓Homeowner has ability to retain all design documents and take no further action, or decides to accept the Contract and proceed to construction phase.

Should you decide to accept the Contract for construction, G.H. Clark Contractors will:

✓Produce the final permit drawings, provide Engineering review, apply for all necessary permits, and schedule the project start date.
✓30% is due to begin work, and an appropriate draw schedule will be determined at completion of the design phase. The cost of the “Design Phase” will be applied to the total cost of construction.

We look forward to helping you with your project and thank you for the consideration!

Roofing Contractor Prince Frederick, MD