Fiber Cement

Fiber Cement Siding

Made with Post-Consumer recycled Materials for “GREEN” Building.

Superior technology is used to produce fiber cement siding products that have better product characteristics. A lifetime warranty, which makes our siding more durable, stronger, easier to handle and install, and more authentic texture with cleaner, crisper edges. Our Fiber Cement Siding has a deeper more authentic texture. During the manufacturing process the cedar texture is applied with heat and over one-million pounds of pressure, unlike some competitive products where the texture is rolled on.

Are you looking for crisper, cleaner edges? The products we use are cured (dried) during two high-heat processes, assuring that the boards are hardened and strengthened to exacting standards. Many fiber cement products are cut wet, giving an edge that is soft and yielding. The fiber cement siding has a zero smoke and flame spread on surface burning; the boards are classified as noncombustible. Our fiber cement products are backed by a lifetime limited warranty, the boards will not crack, rot or delaminate; are resistant to fungus and termite infestation and withstand extreme weather conditions.


  • Crisper, cleaner edges and deeper more authentic cedar texture provides better appearance and better curb appeal.
  • Panels will not crack, rot or delaminate, are resistant to fungus and termite infestation.
  • Fiber cement products withstand extreme weather conditions.


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