Why Is Gutter Protection Essential For Your Home?

Sometimes it’s not enough to clean your gutters regularly. While gutters protect your home from damage, they don’t work very well if they become clogged.

Even if you don’t have trees dropping leaves into the gutters, you may still need some help. Debris collects faster than homeowners can clear it. This means you may also need some extra protection for your home.

Below are the top reasons why a gutter protection system is more important than you think.

Use Gutter Protection Against Animals

Birds like to build nests, especially in places that are high up and hard to reach. Most often a bird likes small places so that it feels safe.

Gutters supply all these criteria for a bird. It wouldn’t be unusual for you to find a bird nest stopping up your gutter.

Other animals like to collect things and store them in a hidden spot. Squirrels are prime suspects for this type of pesky hoarding behavior. You might find a clutch of acorns or other nuts that a squirrel is saving for winter.

They’re cute, but these types of animals can cause real damage. Gutter protection can help keep these critters out. Animals can’t get into a gutter to hide or build a nest if there is a system in place.

Even not-so-cute animals can get into your gutters. Lizards, snakes, and varmints like possums and raccoons might hang out there. Your clogs and the smaller animals that congregate there provide a food source for them.

Wasps and bees also build nests in gutters. This can be dangerous, especially if your children play outside at all or if anyone in the home has an allergy.

Besides keeping an epi-pen around, you can avoid wasps and other animal damage to your roof and home if you install a gutter protection system.

Avoid Storm Debris Clogs

The smallest of storms can still bring winds that blow debris into your gutters. Sticks, trash, and any type of extra from your lawn can get stuck up there if the wind lifts it high enough.

The situation gets worse when a big storm with sustainable winds hits. High winds can lift even more gunk up to the roof, causing a big problem. That type of debris is heavy, and it can put pressure on your gutters.

Sometimes, that type of debris can even start growing in your gutter. Ever been cleaning out the gutters and found little tree saplings growing up out of the sediment?

Saplings aren’t the only things that can grow in the sediment trapped in your gutter. Mold and other spores that can create problems for the people living in the home can grow.

You can avoid these types of situations when you install a gutter protection system. The guard keeps out debris from storms, keeping your gutter functioning the way it’s intended to protect your home.

Helps Frozen Gutters

A block of ice in the gutter can cause the water and ice in the winter to overflow the gutter. This, in turn, can cause ice dams and other roof problems that are expensive to fix.

While gutter protection systems don’t prevent water from freezing in the gutter, they do prevent debris from falling in the gutter. There won’t be any blockage points for the water to stop up against and will be less likely to freeze. This means the water will flow freely, and your gutters won’t ruin your roof.

Protect Your Yard

Sometimes grass and flowers don’t seem as important as a roof. However, whether you hired someone to do your landscaping or put in the work yourself, the costs can add up.

When gutters become clogged and the rain has nowhere to go, water overflows into the yard. Your beautiful landscaping job gets ruined, either because of big divots from a constant stream of water or because the plants die after getting flooded.

You can protect your landscaping investment along with your roof if you have a gutter protection system installed. Keep your flowerbeds and outdoor plants looking great by redirecting rainwater down the spout you installed for it.

Stay Safe

When you clean out your gutters, you have to get up on a ladder or crawl out on the roof. This type of job can be dangerous and no matter how careful you are, sometimes accidents happen.

Wires run along eaves and all over your the top of your roof. Sometimes you can inadvertently touch an exposed wire or receive an electric shock when you are working on the roof. Avoid falling off a ladder, and concentrate on other home projects closer to the ground.

With a gutter protection system, you don’t have to worry about cleaning the gutters as often. This makes the roof and gutter system far easier to maintain with less high-up activity and safer time on the ground for you.

Guarding Your Home

A gutter protection system protects your home from animals, storm debris, freezing, and landscape damage. It also helps you stay as safe as possible, which means your family can enjoy more time together on the ground.

This type of system is more affordable than paying to repair the damage. It also increases the value of your home and your house will be more attractive to buyers because they won’t have to make changes to the gutter when they move in.

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