How Often Does A Roof Need To Be Replaced? And Other Common Roof Questions

How often does a roof need to be replaced?

That’s a question that homeowners ask all the time when their roofs start to get old. They wonder if they really need to replace their roofs or if they can get away with repairing them for the time being.

The truth is that the lifespan of a roof depends on the materials used to make it. Asphalt shingles typically last between 15 and 30 years, while wood shingles tend to last for between 20 and 25 years. Metal roofs, meanwhile, can last for more than 50 years.

The lifespan also depends on how much maintenance is done on a roof. A roof that’s well maintained and repaired over time will obviously last a lot longer than one that isn’t.

“How often does a roof need to be replaced?” is just one question homeowners ask. Here are some other common roofing questions.

What Are the Signs You Need Your Roof Replaced?

The roof on your home is one of the most important aspects of it. It’s why you need to keep your eyes peeled and look out for the signs that’ll let you know it’s time to invest in a new roof.

Here are some signs that will indicate you need roof replacement:

  • Your roof is old
  • It’s dragging your curb appeal down
  • It has more than a few missing shingles
  • There are granules from your shingles piling up in your gutters
  • Your roof is causing water to leak into your home
  • It has green and black spots all over it

In some cases, you might only spot one or two of these signs. In others, you might see almost all the signs at once.

Whatever the case may be, you should consider roof replacement whenever these signs start to present themselves.

How Much Will a New Roof Cost?

On average, American homeowners spend roughly $7,500 – $25K on new roofs for their homes.

But the price of a new roof can vary depending on what type of roofing materials you decide to use. A roof with asphalt shingles, for example, will cost substantially less than a metal roof.

When looking to install a new roof, you should think about everything from the local climate to how long you plan to live in your home. It’ll help you determine which type of roof would be best for you, regardless of price.

How Long Does It Take to Install a New Roof?

Roofing companies don’t usually mess around when it comes to new roof installations. They don’t want to leave a home exposed to the elements for any longer than they have to.

If you’re installing an asphalt shingle roof on your home, it’ll usually only take a day or two to get the job done. Metal and slate roofs can prove to be slightly more complicated, but roofing companies will still do their best to get them on homes in just a few days, tops.

What Steps Can You Take to Get More Life Out of a Roof?

Because roofs are such big investments, you should aim to get as much life out of your roof as you possibly can once it’s been installed.

How can you do this? It starts with having your roof inspected by a professional roofing company once every few years. During a roof inspection, roofers can point out potential problem areas to you and suggest things you should do to your roof to keep it strong.

You can also maintain your roof on your own in between inspections to extend its life. Maintain it by:

  • Cleaning out your gutters once or twice every year (contact us to put you on our list for semi-annual gutter cleaning)
  • Removing tree branches, leaves, and any other debris from your roof
  • Trimming trees that hang over your roof to prevent branches from falling on it
  • Washing moss, mildew, algae, and more off your roof
  • Taking a look at your roof every now and then to see if there’s anything that might need to be repaired

By maintaining your roof, you’ll ensure you get the most out of it over the years.

Does a Roof Need to Be Replaced If It’s Leaking?

There are some people who are under the impression they need to have a roof replaced if it starts to leak. This mistaken belief can actually cause some people to put off having professionals come and check out the source of the leak.

A leaky roof could very well need to be replaced. But in many cases, it can be repaired. By patching up your roof as soon as you notice a leak, you can make sure you aren’t forced to deal with further problems down the line.

What Is the Best Way to Locate the Right Roofing Company?

More than 100,000 roofing companies are operating throughout the U.S. right now. That can make it tricky to find a roofing company you can really trust.

When searching through roofing contractors, look for companies that have:

  • Experience repairing and replacing roofs in your area
  • Check online reviews (click here for our Google listing with 38+ reviews)
  • Materials from manufacturers that are well respected within the roofing industry
  • Prices that are fair and affordable
  • Employees who know what they’re doing when working on roofs
  • Insurance, just in case something goes wrong during a roof inspection, repair, or replacement

Call around to different roofing companies in your city or town and see if they fit the criteria. It’ll prevent you from working with a company that does shoddy work.

How Often Does a Roof Need to Be Replaced: The Bottom Line

A reputable roofing company should be able to answer the question “How often does a roof need to be replaced?” as it relates to your specific home.

If you have a certain type of roof that’s giving you issues, they can let you know if roof replacement might be in your future. They can also answer any of the other questions listed here along with more questions you might have.

Take a look at our blog for tips on roofing, siding, windows, doors, gutters, decks, and porches or contact us now to schedule an appointment to look at your roof!

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