Gutter Repairs: When Do You Need One?

The average cost of household water damage amounts to $20 billion each year, according to data from iPropertyManagement. While the primary culprits are plumbing leaks and storm damage, water damage can also be caused by something as simple as neglecting to repair your rain gutters.

When the rain gutters are no longer working as intended, rainwater can leak into the house or seep through the soil and ruin your home’s foundation. That’s why you must know how to spot a rain gutter that requires repairs.

In this article, we’ll list down the signs that tell you that you need immediate gutter repair in your Maryland home.

Gutters Are Sagging Away

Most gutters are designed to be attached to hangers secured to the fascia boards at the base of your roof. These hangers can sometimes become unfastened due to weather damage or regular wear and tear. When that happens, the gutters will start to look like it’s sagging or dipping to one side.

If you notice your gutter sagging away, it’s best to have it repaired immediately. When the gutter sags or isn’t correctly positioned, water may fall freely on the side of the house instead of being channeled to a drain. This can slowly damage or stain your walls. Water may also start pooling in the center of the gutter and cause the gutter to bend further.

Gutters Are Leaking

leaking gutter

Over time, twigs, branches, and other debris may puncture gutters and cause small leaks. Old unmaintained gutters can also develop rust that eats away parts of the gutter system. This usually leads to leaks.

These punctures and similar damage prevent the gutter from fulfilling its purpose of directing rainwater away from your house. Left unchecked, these leaks can damage roofing, cause exterior paint to peel, and cause wooden components of your home to rot away.

Act on leaky gutters as soon as possible, so they can continue to do their job of channeling rainwater to the downspouts.

Water Is Pooling Around Your Home

One of the main purposes of rain gutters is to prevent water from building up around your house. They do this by redirecting the water away from your home to an area where it would flow somewhere else.

If your gutter is leaky or clogged up, water will eventually find itself on the ground and create puddles. They may appear harmless but water could be seeping into the ground and cause the following problems:

  • Foundation damage: Exposure to water can significantly weaken the integrity of your home’s foundation. This can prove dangerous, especially if the foundations start to show cracks.
  • Basement flooding: If too much water has seeped into the ground and leaked through the basement walls, it can cause flooding. Homes in areas that regularly experience rain are very susceptible to this issue.
  • Mold growth: Leaks and basement flooding create an environment that’s perfectly suited to mold growth. Left ignored, basement floods can lead to severe mold infestation.

When you start noticing puddles of water building up regularly around your home, it’s best to have your gutters checked and repaired, if necessary. Act fast to avoid further damage and additional repair costs. If you experience any of these signs, reach out to a professional to have your gutter repaired.

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