Debunking Popular Window Replacement Myths

According to information from the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, an estimated 10% to 25% of an average household’s energy bills are lost to window leaks.

Despite this fact, there are still many homeowners who believe that windows and energy efficiency have nothing to do with each other. That’s just one of the many strange misconceptions people have about window replacements.

In this article, we’ll debunk some popular window-related myths to help you become better informed before you start looking for window replacement in Maryland.

1. Energy-efficient Windows Don’t Exist

For some people, energy-efficient windows are nothing more than a way to fool consumers into buying an expensive window. That is a common misconception that is simply not true.

While the price of energy-efficient windows can be a little higher than regular windows, it enables homeowners to save a significant amount of money on their energy bills. For example, installing a single-pane Energy Star window can save you $366 annually on heating and cooling bills.

This myth may have come from homeowners who have not been able to fully utilize their energy-efficient windows. You can replace all your old windows with energy-efficient ones, but you still won’t be able to save money if your doors are old and poorly insulated.


2. You Should Never Replace Windows During Winter

While it may sound strange to some, window replacement services can be done with little to no issues during winter.

Clever homeowners even take advantage of this. Since the winter months are often considered slow seasons, booking or completing projects is easier this time of the year. Some companies even offer discounts to attract potential customers during this time.

Window contractors are capable of offering their services regardless of the season. However, it is important to note that some windows tend to expand and contract depending on the temperature. That means it’s still better to have your windows serviced during milder weather.

3. All Windows Are Created Equal

Windows are not created equal. While some windows may look identical, a closer look can reveal certain differences in how they function and what material they are made of. That’s why when choosing replacement windows, it’s important to take your time in determining which type suits your needs.

For example, one specific room in your house may feel unbearably hot during the summer and freezing in the winter. The cause of the room’s susceptibility to temperature may be the windows.

The windows for that specific room may not be enough to fully insulate that area of the house. Replacing it with highly insulated windows should be able to help keep it cool on hot days and warm during the cold.

Now that you are familiar with the truth behind these common misconceptions, you should be able to have your windows replaced armed with the right knowledge. Don’t forget to take your time in choosing the right window and never hesitate to ask your trusted window contractor for expert advice.

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