Double Hung VS Single Hung Windows: Which Style Is Best For Me?

Windows account for 25% to 30% of heating and cooling loss from your home. Window selection should be carefully considered when building or remodeling a home. Purchasing energy efficient windows can mean significant cost savings in future utility bills.

Once you have decided on buying energy efficient window, the fun part begins. What style of windows do you want to enhance your home? You can choose from a variety of double hung vs single hung windows.

A window designer can provide expert advice on which style of window works best in each space. Today, windows usually differ throughout the house to accommodate different aesthetics and functions. You will love the impact that new windows have on the look and feel of your house.

What Is the Difference Between Double Hung vs Single Hung Windows?

Window technology today differs dramatically compared to your parent’s windows. Time spent researching and understanding window choices will benefit your wallet long term.

First, familiarize yourself with the terminology. Double pane and double hung refer to completely different features.

Double pane windows have 2 pieces of glass with argon gas between them. Argon gas is heavier than air. It creates a layer of insulation that decreases the transfer of heat and cold, but not light.

The National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC) rates windows and designates their Energy Star rating. They rate products based on reliable energy properties compared to other products. Review the energy star label to determine the most efficient windows for your needs.

Double hung windows have two sashes that are stacked one in front of the other. A window sash refers to the frame of the window that holds the pain of glass in it.

With double hung windows, each sash can slide all the way up or down. Some of these sashes tilt in or out.

Single hung windows have one sash that doesn’t move and one that moves. They usually are not able to tilt.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows provide options and increased safety.

  • More versatility
  • Most manufacturers offer a wide selection of colors and styles
  • Works well with vinyl, wood, or steel frames
  • The sliding and tilting make cleaning the windows a breeze
  • Increased security with double locking mechanisms
  • Increased safety for pets and children by having the option to open the top half of the window instead of only the bottom half
  • Increased ventilation, especially in a moist room like bathrooms, by opening the top and bottom of the windows allowing warm air to exit the top and cool air to enter the bottom

Think about what features you want for each window as you make your plan.

Benefits of Single Hung Windows

Single hung windows have been popular in most home construction over the past 30 years.

  • Cheaper cost for materials and installation
  • Easier installation by the homeowner since the unit comes assembles
  • Framing material can be of lower quality since it is under less strain
  • Windows are available in customs sizes and shapes
  • Works well with vinyl, wood, or steel frames

You may find that sticking with the single hung window is the right choice for you.

The Downside of Double Hung Windows

A double hung window does include more moving parts which can be good and bad.

  • Must have a high-quality frame to keep the seal of the top sash from breaking down due to gravity’s pull on the sash
  • Replacement parts are often more expensive
  • More difficult to get custom sizes and shapes

Examining the location and purpose of the window can help you decide which style is best.

The Downside of Single Hung Windows

While single hung windows have served well for many years there are a couple of disadvantages.

  • It can be difficult to reach all parts of the window for cleaning
  • Bottom opening windows create a potential risk for pets and small children, especially if on a second floor or higher

Financially and cosmetically, this may be the perfect style window for certain places in your home.

Questions to Ask Your Window Contractor

Before hiring any type of contract work, always have a list of questions. You may want to leave room to write the answers and then have the individual sign and date it.

  • Is there a charge for a written window estimate?
  • What styles and brands of windows do you use and recommend?
  • How long have you been replacing windows as a professional contractor?
  • Do you personally work with your crew or subcontract the work?
  • Am I able to contact you for service issues after you install the windows?
  • How long will it take to replace my windows?
  • Does your crew move items that are in the way?
  • Does your crew clean up completely when they finish?
  • Do you charge for debris removal?
  • What are the terms for payment?
  • Will you provide a written guarantee for your work?
  • Do I need to worry about lead paint?
  • What color options are available?
  • What window styles are available?
  • What technique do you use for window replacement?
  • How do you seal the windows after installation?

Never make an assumption when hiring a worker. What you believe to be an obvious code of ethics or behavior may not be the same for that individual. Don’t leave things to chance.

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With rising costs of utilities, upgrading windows, doors, and roofing will create a more energy efficient home. You will enjoy the increased comfort while paying less for heating and cooling.

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WindowsDouble Hung VS Single Hung Windows: Which Style Is Best For Me?