5 Benefits of Flat Roofs in Southern Maryland

More homeowners are calling up their roofers. According to research, sales increased by 14% last year. So why the increase?

Most people choose a traditional pitched roof (a roof with two slopes at more than 10-degree angles to make a peak). There’s another option not enough people consider, though.

Many people are starting to see the benefits of flat roofs in Southern Maryland. If you’re thinking of raising (and flattening) the roof yourself, keep reading!

Here are the top five benefits of flat roof homes.

1. Expenses

One of the most noticeable benefits of a home with flat roofs in Southern Maryland is the expense.

From start to finish, the entire process becomes a lot cheaper. That includes everything from choosing roofing materials to building and installing the actual roof.

When your roof is cheaper to install and build, maintenance and upkeep become cheaper as well.

Labor is even cheaper because contractors are less at risk when they install a flat roof. The work is also faster and less stressful.

If you want to install solar panels, that’s cheaper, too!

Installing solar panels on a flat roof house can save you electricity and future expenses.

Flat roofs also offer architectural appeal at a lower cost. As long as you maintain your roof, a flat roof is an economical option. They’re also easier and less time-consuming to install, meaning you don’t have to wait as long to move into your new home!

Other future expenses can include damage and repair costs. Your roof is bound to experience some wear and tear over the years. Severe storms can also cause some damage.

However, these damages won’t become as expensive to fix.

2. Fewer Damages

If you do experience damages, they’re still not as expensive or common compared to sloped roofs.

According to Home Advisor, roof repairs cause an average of $830 in the United States. Most homeowners spend anywhere between $351 and $1,348.

The repairs you need could range from a leak to missing granules.

Other common repair needs include:

  • Sagging roof repairs caused by wear and tear or rot
  • Leaking roof flashing repairs to redirect water and protect the roof
  • Bad/leaking pipe flashing
  • Chimney/skylight step flashing
  • Valleys, which are little gutters along the interior of your roof
  • Ice dams
  • Inadequate roof pitches
  • Blown off or missing shingles

If your flat roof home does require repairs, it’s easier for a contractor to get the job done.

A flat roof is also more stable than a sloped roof, especially if the building is smaller. This makes it easier for the contractor to pinpoint the problem and get to work.

Repairing a slanted roof requires a lot of time, material, and effort. In addition to being more costly, that also means you need to schedule a big chunk of time out of your life. In the case of a flat roof, however, some repairs can get done in a single day.

Don’t try to deal with these roofing issues on your own. Instead of taking the DIY approach, read over this list of risks. Hiring a contractor instead can keep you from ruining your roof and dealing with repairing those costly mistakes.

3. Extra Outdoor Space

If you don’t have a giant front or backyard, don’t let that stop you! Flat roof homes offer the option of expanding your space. Now you have access to useable space—not in your yard, but up above!

Whether you’re dreaming of creating an outdoor lounge, setting up a garden, or using a corner to barbeque, you have the room.

Remember, there’s also enough space for you to set up solar panels. Designate a different corner of your roof to different uses. It’s up to you!

The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination soar and discover new ways to make the most of the additional outdoor space.

Now, you don’t have to let limited yard space or a narrow lot narrow your opportunities.

4. More Versatile Indoor Space

A flat roof home doesn’t just expand your outdoor space. It can also give you more room to work with inside as well.

What will you do with your additional interior space?

Without the sloped walls limiting your space, there’s more room to work with. For example, you can consider creating a top floor apartment or finished attic. If you have a big family or want to rent out a room, a flat room home is ideal.

You might also decide to add an air conditioning unit in your roof instead of in the ground. With a flat roof, you have the space to have solar racking installed.

5. Easy Clean-Up

Remember when we said flat roofs are easier to access than slanted roofs?

That means they’re easier to clean, too!

If you need to clean out your gutters, you won’t have to struggle to find the right spot for your ladder. Meanwhile, hiring someone to clean your roof for you becomes far less of an expense.

Flat roofs are easier to maintain. They’re also safer to inspect. In addition to making it easier to clean gutters, you can also check your sidings or patch a hole without stress.

The next time you head up to your roof to patch a hole, you won’t need to worry about finding your footing. You won’t have to struggle to maintain your balance or keep from falling, either.

However, you might still have to worry about your fear of heights.

Raise the Roof: 5 Benefits of Flat Roofs in Southern Maryland

It’s time to raise the roof…or rather, flatten it. Make the most of these five benefits of flat roofs in Southern Maryland for your home. With these benefits, you can make the most of your space, cut down on added expenses, and experience an easier time cleaning up.

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