9 Questions to Ask Roof Contractors in Southern Maryland

Replacing your roof is a significant expense: on average, a roof replacement costs between $5300 and $10,600. This is probably one of the most expensive home repairs you will make.

Before you hire an Annapolis company to replace your roof, you should do your research. Ask for recommendations from family and friends, read online reviews, and check their websites.

When it comes time to meet with roofing contractors, here are 9 questions you should ask each of them before you choose one.

1. Are You Licensed and Insured?

The first question you should ask any roofer, or verify on their website, is whether they are licensed and insured. Most roofing companies will include their state roofing license number on their website.

In addition to being licensed, you also want to make sure they are insured. At a minimum, they should have liability insurance, which protects your property if any damage happens during the replacement. It also will cover any injuries suffered by the roofing company employees.

The roofing company should also be able to provide you with an address and legal name for their company.

You absolutely should not hire a roofing contractor that is not insured or licensed or cannot provide this information.

2. How Will You Protect My Property?

Before installing a new roof, your roofing contractor will need to remove the old one. The shingles and other roofing materials will be dropped or tossed from the roof, so you’ll want to ask how they will protect your property.

Roofing also requires a lot of tools and other equipment. Verify where they will place those items and how they’ll protect your lawn, driveway, and landscaping. Ask if they will use ladder stabilizers to protect your gutters.

3. How Long Will It Take?

Most roof replacements can be done in a day or two unless there is an extensive amount of repair work that needs to be done. A roof replacement isn’t a quiet job, so if you work at home or have kids at home who need to nap, you might want to consider being out of the house while they are working.

4. Do You Offer a Warranty?

Typically, there are two different warranties when your roof is replaced. The roofing company will often provide a warranty for the actual work and the roofing material manufacturer will provide a warranty for the materials.

Since these are two different warranties, verify what is covered under each and how long the work and the roofing materials are covered under warranty.

5. What Does the Estimate Include?

Don’t agree to any work until a written estimate is provided. The estimate should provide a detailed breakdown of what will be included in the job, the deposit required, and what the price is of the various components of the job.

If there is anything unique about your roof, such as skylights or a complex design, that should be reflected in the estimate. You don’t want any surprises once the job begins.

Make sure the estimate includes any necessary local permits, removal of the old roof and disposal of the materials, and replacement of all components of a new roof (underlayment, shingles, eave drips, ventilation, exhaust vents, etc.).

6. Who Will Be On-Site During the Job?

There should be a foreman or project manager onsite throughout the duration of the job. You should know who will be on-site and who you should communicate with about anything that needs to be tweaked ora addressed.

7. What Will You Do in the Case of Inclement Weather?

Most roofers work year-round, so there needs to be considerations for inclement weather. If they start the job, remove your roof, and then get held up by rain, ask them what they will do to protect your home.

Will they tarp the roof? How will they protect your home and your belongings? What if there is a significant wind event? How will the ensure that your home will not be damaged while the roof is in progress?

8. Do You Use Subcontractors?

Subcontractors are considered independent contractors. They are not employees of the roofing company. Ask your roofing company if they use them, and if they do, whether they have their own liability insurance and workman’s comp insurance.

If they do use subcontractors, you’ll also want to know about their qualifications and how they will be monitored.

9. Do You Have References?

Getting recommendations from friends and family is always important, especially for an expenditure of this magnitude. In addition, check Google and other websites for reviews of the business.

You can also check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) in your state to see if there are any complaints, as roofing companies are one of the top 10 services that the BBB receives complaints about.

You can also ask the roofing company if they have any past customers that you can speak with. Ask if they have references that you can contact to learn more about their work and if they are satisfied.

Find Roofing Contractors You Can Trust

Finding a roofing contractor in Annapolis that you can trust is imperative. Since this likely to be one of the most expensive home repairs you will make, hiring someone that is trustworthy and does a quality job is extremely important.

Do your research, get recommendations and references, and make sure that you know who you are hiring.

At G.H. Clark, we can handle all of your Annapolis roofing needs. We can also replace windows, doors, siding, gutters, and decks and patios. Contact us today for a no-pressure quote and to learn more about how we can help you.

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