5 Reasons To Hire Deck Builders In Southern Maryland

There are few renovation projects that can add as much value to your home in Southern Maryland as a deck can. You could add nearly $10,000+ to the resale value of your home, versus other additions that result in a total loss. Hiring quality deck builders in Southern Maryland could increase the value of your home in dollars and in enjoyment.

1. Entertaining

If you have a beautiful lawn and garden at your home, you might find that you’re always struggling when you have guests over. While you want people to enjoy your space, the random trampling around, placement of coolers and lawn chairs does a number on your lawn. This makes having a deck the ideal outdoor space if you’re entertaining guests.

Even if you’ve got space for lawn darts, horseshoes, and a pool, a great deck will help you centralize the chaos. You can place your barbecue on an elevated space and keep a party organized.

You can also use it for a variety of purposes. Instead of crowding everyone inside your home, it’s a great space for any kind of gathering. If you’re getting a neighborhood association or your activist group together, make the whole thing a little more relaxed by hosting on your deck.

You can have more comfortable furniture on a deck than the kind you’d leave out on the lawn. Also, in a more defined space, you can keep the conversation flowing a little more naturally.

2. More Value Means More Opportunity

As mentioned before, hiring deck builders in Southern Maryland means you’ll increase the value of your home. If you need to take out a loan on your home, you’ll be pleased with the bump on the appraisal thanks to your deck. Your neighbors will thank you as well because you could add a nice little bump to their value as well.

When people are shopping for a new home, a deck can be a major selling point. Once people start imagining themselves living in a home, lounging on the deck, they can envision buying a home. A great deck can help them to see that vision.

A beautiful deck, open or enclosed, is a great place for a family to gather for summer and autumn dinners and casual hangouts. Your kids and their friends can hang out outdoors without the need to tear up your lawn. Preserving your lawn and outdoor shrubbery could be an added benefit to having a deck.

One of the only comparable renovations that adds that kind of value to your home is window replacement.

3. Decks Also Look Great

There are so many different aesthetic possibilities when adding a deck. Adding one to the rear of an otherwise unadorned house could change how you feel about the space.A deck can help you to explore and expand on existing qualities of a home. If it’s already got a comfortable rustic appeal, your deck can build on that with the right materials and make a statement. If you’ve got a modern design to your home, you can find deck materials to match that style and expand your look out onto your lawn.

Deck builders in Southern Maryland don’t adhere to just one style. At G.H. Clark we know how to expand on the aesthetic appeal of just about any style of home that can be found in the region.

The way you decorate your deck can also increase the aesthetic characteristics of your home. The right lighting can add a really nice dramatic look to the exterior of your home. If you love to decorate for the holidays, you can go all out with decorations on your deck.

4. Decks Don’t Take Long

Adding a deck to your home won’t take as long as other additions to the structure. Deck builders in Southern Maryland should be able to get a deck up and running within just a few weeks. Meanwhile, other structural additions can take several months from start to finish, leaving you living your life on a construction site.

Deck construction is also far less intrusive and invasive to your everyday life. Building a deck means that all of the construction mess will stay outside of the house. Any noise from construction, fumes from any finish, or stacking of materials can stay out of the way while deck builders work.

5. You’ll Get The Space You Need

One of the most often cited reasons why people don’t host family or friends at their home is the lack of space. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or just having visitors for a weekend, the extra space offered by a deck can make a huge difference. Even just the extra storage might be worth having a nice enclosed deck.

Let your partner and their siblings catch up in the living room while you enjoy your morning paper and coffee with the squirrels and birds.

Deck Builders In Southern Maryland Can Make You Fall In Love With Your Home Again

A new deck could help you to see your house in a whole new light. Space that you never imagined having free could open up. You might never have thought you’d host a Fourth of July party to rival the one hosted by a friend or family member, but now you can.

If you’re ready to get a long-delayed deck project off the ground, contact us to get it done right the first time.

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