What To Consider When Choosing A Craftsman Door As A Statement Door

What is the first thing people notice when they pull up in front of your home?

Chances are, it’s not the mailbox out by your curb. It’s not the tree that is growing in your front yard. And it’s not the paint on your home, your home’s windows, or your roof, either.

More often than not, the first thing people will look at when they arrive at a home is the front door. The front door gives a homeowner a chance to make a strong statement about their home as a whole.

Installing a new craftsman door on your home as a statement door would be a great idea, even if you don’t necessarily have a craftsman-style home. It’ll grab people’s attention from the moment they arrive and welcome them to your home in the right way.

Here are some things to consider when you install a new craftsman door.

Do You Want an Authentic Craftsman Door?

Traditionally, just about all craftsman doors have been made out of wood. Wood was used on the first doors installed on craftsman homes in the early 1900s, and that trend has continued well into the 21st century.

However, it’s worth noting that there are more and more homeowners that are using composite wood, fiberglass, and steel doors that are made to look like craftsman doors. If you don’t want to use wood, you have that option. It could make your home more secure overall.

You can choose whether or not wood is the right material for you. Either way, you can still enjoy the look of a craftsman door with or without it.

What Kind of Wood Do You Want Your Door to Be Made Out Of?

In the event that you want to stay true to tradition and install the same kind of craftsman door that people have been putting on their homes for years, you’ll need to pick out the kind of wood you want.

Typically, homeowners tend to pick craftsman doors made out of mahogany, oak, and cherry. But you can pick whichever kind of wood you want, based on your own personal preference.

If you have wood accents inside your home, you might want to try and match your door up with them to create a nice flow throughout your house. You might also want to consider putting in new accents to go along with your door when you install it.

Are You Going to Stain or Paint Your Door?

Once you’ve picked out the kind of wood you want to use for your craftsman door, you’ll have another decision to make. You’ll be able to either stain your front door or paint it if you want to.

Some homeowners like to go through the process of staining their craftsman doors because it allows for the grain of the wood to pop out. It’s easier to see the grain from the street, which improves the curb appeal of a home dramatically.

Other homeowners prefer painting their craftsman doors to match or complement the color of the rest of their home. You might want to go with something bold and bright to really make a statement.

Again, the choice is yours here. You don’t have to stain or paint your door if you don’t want to. But you might be missing an opportunity to make your door stand out by forgoing the chance to stain or paint it.

Is Your Door Going to Have Windows Like Most Craftsman Doors Do?

Not all craftsman doors have windows in them. But traditionally, most craftsman-style doors have had windows covering the top third of the doors or accents on the side.

Decide if you want to have windows in your front door before you start looking at your options. Windows could really brighten up your foyer or entryway and make it more inviting to visitors. But it could also potentially affect the security of your home.

Only you can decide if windows will work well in your home’s new front door.

What Are Those Windows Going to Look Like?

If you decide that you do, in fact, want to have windows in your craftsman door, you’ll need to figure out what you want them to look like.

You can:

  • Buy a door with one large window pane on the top of it
  • Find one with several smaller window panes lined up along the top of it
  • Choose between clear or stained glass

Many homeowners also choose to install glass next to a front door as well as on top of it. Sidelights and transom windows have become popular and could enhance the look and feel of your door.

What Kind of Trim Are You Going to Use on Your Door?

Whether you opt to go with windows in your craftsman door or not, you’re going to have trim on your door featuring some kind of design.

Those with windows will often utilize trim to create separation between the windows and wood panels on the lower two-thirds of the door. You can pick the trim that looks best with your windows.

You can also implement trim in other areas of your door to make your door look more interesting. The trim will help turn your front door into a statement door, so make sure you take time to consider which trim will look best.

Purchase a Craftsman Door for Your Home Today

There are so many different front door styles for homeowners to choose from these days. Whether you want to go with a craftsman door or something else entirely, you can find a statement door that will wow those who visit your home.

You can also add other elements to the outside to improve the overall appearance of it. From a new roof to new windows to new siding, you can transform the look of your home with a few simple changes.

Check out our blog to see some of the ways you can upgrade your home and allow for it to make a much bigger statement to those who drive by.

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