4 Signs You Need a Metal Roof Repair

Having a metal roof has many benefits. They are durable, energy-efficient, and can last 40-70 years. However, they are not perfect.

According to Architect Magazine, roofs in general only last half of their designed lifetimes. It’s not because of the quality of the metal roofing but because of their constant exposure to the elements that eventually wear them down. If ignored, an old, damaged roof may cause further structural issues to your home and risk the safety of your family.

In this article, we’ll provide four helpful signs that indicate your house needs a metal roof repair.

There Are Signs of Rust and Corrosion

rusty roof

Rust is a sign that the metal is starting to tarnish, and it’s also a good indication that your roof’s protective coating has deteriorated. Once the coating is gone, moisture and water can come in contact with the metal and cause rust.

Rust and corrosion can eat away the metal, causing holes that eventually lead to leaks. Rust also weakens other metal objects. Both the leaks and rusted metal can destabilize the structure of your house.

Heavy snow, strong winds, and rain may cause your roof to collapse if there’s already significant damage to the roofing structure. At first signs of rust, it’s best to reach out to a professional to have your roof inspected and repaired.

The Roof Has Loose Seams

Temperature changes can cause the metal to expand and shrink. Over time, this movement causes the fasteners or screws to loosen, which in turn causes the metal seams to pull apart. Water can then seep into the spaces between the seams.

The pooled water can turninto a leak, damage the structure of your home, and even start a mold infestation, which can cause health problems. Small animals like rodents might find these gaps in your structure as well and settle there.

Fortunately, acting on this problem early gives your roofing contractor the option to tighten the fasteners and screws to prevent further damage.

When left unchecked, leaks can damage electrical systems and building materials and lead to unsafe mold growth.

The Metal Roof Has Water Leaks

water in roof

The moment you notice small or large leaks in your metal roof, it’s best to get in touch with your trusted roofing professional. Leaks are a sign of roof damage, but they are not the main problem—many possible reasons can cause them.

For example, roof panels may have warped, rust may have created holes, orthe roof’s sealant may be starting to fail. If these areleft unchecked, leaks can damage electrical systems and building materials and lead to hazardous mold growth.

Your trusted roofing contractor will not only stop the leak but identify and repair the primary cause of the problem.

The Roof’s Paint Looks Worn (Even When New)

roofs paint looks worn

The paint is more than just for aesthetic purposes. It also helps waterproof your roofing system. Paint can serve as an additional metal roof coating. However, they are vulnerable to chips and dents caused by hail or falling debris. Fluctuating temperatures can also cause a metal roof’s paint to fade.

If you notice signs of worn paint, have it inspected by a roofing professional. If it’s a simple paint problem, have your roof repainted to prevent rusting and make it water-resistant.

But if your roofing system is newly painted and you suspect other reasons for discoloration, such as the paint pigment reacting to water or chemicals, it’s best to have a roofing contractor check it. Your roof might be coming in contact with chemicals you’re not aware of.

Metal roofs are one of the sturdiest roofing systems available, but they still require sufficient maintenance. With proper care and repair, your metal roof can continue protecting your family for years to come.

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