Roofing 101: Warning signs you need to get a roof replacement

Roofs are built to last around 20 to 30 years, protecting people from rain, snow, intense sunlight, strong wind, and extreme temperature. However, unexpected incidents can occur that will damage your roof, endangering your health and home’s structural integrity.

Roof damage can be hard to find and often too late for repairs and maintenance to fix the problem when found. Search for roofing companies in Maryland offering roof replacement services immediately before the damage worsens. Watch out for these warning signs that say your roof may need a replacement.

Watch Out for Roof Leaks

damaged roof vent

Roof leaks are an obvious sign of roof damage from your home. Check the ceiling of your home that’s nearest to the roof for leaks from time to time, especially after a rainy day. Look for water intrusions, since it is most likely the origin of the leak.

During winter or a snowy day, search the roof exterior for ice dams. It forms when the snow on the roof melts, flows down to the gutter, and freezes again. When water reaches the ice dams, it will overflow, running under the shingles and making its way into the house.

If the leak you discover is minimal and located at parts where it cannot create more damage, you won’t need a roof replacement. However, you still must call a professional to inspect it, since holding out on repairs will lead to more severe damage and costly repairs.

Stay Vigilant for Moss, Mildew, and Algae

Moss, Mildews, and Algae typically grow in moist environments, usually caused by leaks and condensation issues in your home.

Before jumping to the conclusion that you need a roof replacement, ensure your home is adequately ventilated, the insulation is dry, and plumbing lines and bathroom fixtures are not leaking. It will help determine the actual origin of the organisms and can make roof replacements cheaper if you need one.

Look for Roof Cracks and Rotting

Cracks and rotting are other signs you need to stay vigilant with your roof. Cracked shingles are often caused by strong wind, which you can easily replace if limited to only a few. However, if the cracks are spread throughout the roof, it means that you need to get a roof replacement.

You can check if you have cracks using the attic if you have one. You can determine if your roof is cracked if light easily passes through it. Assess the damage and consult with a professional if it can be repaired or must be replaced.

Look out for rotting also, especially if the foundation of the roof is made from wood. Wooden materials will rot when exposed to moisture for long periods, leading to fungi growth. It is crucial to identify this issue immediately and minimize the damage before the structure further deteriorates.

Reliable Roofing Contractors in Maryland

It is important to inspect your roof and do maintenance to fix issues that could worsen its condition immediately. G.H. Clark Contractors offer roof replacement services to keep your roof in its best condition. 

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