Hello, Spring! The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Checklist for Your Roof

Spring is fast approaching. Are you ready?

When you think of spring cleaning, most people think about dusting, decluttering, cleaning out closets, and so forth. The outside of the home usually gets neglected. But it’s so important to care for the outside of your home as much as the inside.

Have you added cleaning the roof to your spring cleaning checklist? If not, you should. Cleaning the roof is one of the most important things you can do to keep your home in shape.

Why Should You Clean Your Roof?

A roof takes the brunt of the winter. From icicles, cold winds, and heavy snows there’s plenty of chances for your roof to suffer.

Cleaning and checking it in the spring can catch problems before they become larger issues and patch up some of the damage left behind by winter. Even more so, it gets your house for spring months.

Without proper inspection and care of your roof, many other parts of your house could deteriorate including the foundation.

6 Tips To A Cleaner Roof This Spring

Ready to head to the roof? Add these tasks to your spring cleaning guide to make sure your roof is good as new.

1. Gutters

Winter is a prime time for gutters to collect much debris such as leaves, dirt, or twigs from nearby trees. Having clear gutters is essential to the health of your roof. Clogged gutters can be the cause of foundation problems and other roofing issues.

The best way to ensure clear, clean gutters is by hiring a professional. They remove all the waste and flush out the gutters. Also, ask them to check for signs of wear and tear.

2. Look For Damage

It’s possible that winter could wreak havoc to your home, depending on the severity. Be on the lookout for broken shingles, heavy branches that may have been frozen and fell, rotting, or other signs of damage.

If you notice anything strange, or just seems out of place, or notice significant roof damage, always call a professional because they know how to safely handle damages.

3. Remove Twigs and Branches

If you find several branches or twigs on your roof, you may want to consider trimming them back. As branches freeze and harden in the winter they have the capacity to hurt your roof severely.

Take a look at the surrounding trees outside your home and evaluate whether or not they’re potentially damaging to your roof. It’s important to take care of them soon to save your roof.

4. Don’t Forget the Inside

Water can leak into your home or attic and condensation can cause rooting wood. If left unchecked, it’s breeding ground for mold or mildew which cannot only ruin your home but offers serious health concerns.

It’s also possible that bugs found their way into your home during the cold months, so be on the lookout for possible signs of infestations.

5. Fix Shingles if Broken

Winter winds can be harsh. They can loosen shingles or even blow them off. Missing shingles exposes your roof to serious damage from wind or other weather.

While jumping on the roof to check your shingles is not recommended, try walking around the perimeter of your home looking for gaps or misplaces shingles. A professional is definitely needed for this job, and calling someone right away avoids further damage and more expensive repairs.

6. Give it A Wash

Grime, dirt, and other growths like mildew could build up on your roof. When it’s not cleaned off they could eat away at the shingles on your roof.

Avoid using a pressure washer to clean because it could hurt your shingles. A garden hose works just fine in this case.

Add Roof to Your Spring Cleaning Checklist

When crafting your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget to add your roof. It’s a vital part of your home and deserves the same care as the interior.

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