7 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Gutter Maintenance

Owning a home comes with more ups than downs. Some of the downs include paying of pricey repairs and perform tedious housework such as cleaning the gutters.

While it’s a task dreaded by many, it’s necessary to get it done. Failure to perform the proper gutter maintenance means you could be putting your home at risk.

Read on for reasons why you should perform regular gutter maintenance.

Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Put Off Cleaning the Gutters

Cleaning out the gutters might not seem like an important job, however, neglecting to do so can have serious consequences.

Here are 7 reasons why you should never neglect cleaning out your gutters:

1. Your Property Can Suffer Structural Damage

It might seem like clogged and dirty gutters are nothing more than a few dirty leaves and debris. The truth is dirty gutters can make more extensive damage than you may know.

Damaged gutters can cause shifts in the foundation, erosion in the soil, flooding in the basement, cracks in the walls and more.

The siding of your house might also be prone to rotting and water damage which can expand to the walls and windows.

2. You Might Have to Deal With Pests

If you don’t maintain your gutters, you could be unaware of the pests you’re bringing in.

The debris that fills the gutters often provides a humid and inviting environment for pests such as mice, squirrels, mosquitos, and even birds.

Unfortunately, these pests don’t stay on the outside of the home. Damaged gutters often cause cracks and holes in the walls, which can create a perfect nest for pests.

Not only will you be repairing the damage from the gutters, but you will also have to call the exterminator.

3. Exposing Your Family to Allergies and Illnesses

Debris plus humidity and water equal mold and even higher pollen counts. The mold and pollen counts will make it more difficult for your family to breathe.

It might even worsen or develop allergies. Make sure you stay alert if you notice any signs of mold developing in your home.

4. Damage to the Roof Can be Expensive

As we mentioned in previous points, clogged gutters can cause damage to the foundation, but they can also cause damage to the roof.

If the roof gets damaged, the price tag could be a lot to handle for any homeowner.

By not cleaning your gutters, you put them at risk for ice dams on the roof and other problems. Depending on how extensive the damage is, you might have to
replace the entire roof.

You should also know most homeowners insurance policies don’t cover this type of damage.

5. Dirty Gutters are Not Pretty to Look at

Your home is your pride and joy, which is why you always want to make sure it looks the best.

Dirty and clogged gutters will not help your home’s curb appeal. Not cleaning your gutters means it will start to look dirty and everyone who visits your home will notice.

If you wait until the damage is extensive, it will look as if you don’t care about the house. It might even bring down the value of the home if you plan on selling it in the near future.

It’s easy to avoid your house from looking neglected by doing a little gutter clean up.

6. Your Could be Voiding the Warranty

If you had a new roof installed in the last few years or any other type of work done to the outside of the home, you could be jeopardizing the warranty.

Most companies will put a clause in the contract stating you have to take care of the gutters or they will void the warranty.

7. You Could be Inviting Water Damage

The purpose of the gutters is to have a channel that takes the water away from your home protecting the structure. If the gutters are dirty or clogged, it means the water won’t be able to flow freely when it rains.

Instead of flowing through the gutters as intended, the water will overflow and damage your house.

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters?

After you realize the importance of not putting off cleaning your gutters, you might be wondering how often you need to do so.

The good news is you don’t have to get on a ladder and clean your gutters every day. Professionals recommend you clean your gutters two times a year — in the spring and the fall.

However, you might need to clean your gutters more often depending on the place where you live. If you live in a house surrounded by trees, you should clean your house a bit more often.

You might have to also clean the gutters more often if you live in a climate that freezes in the winter. The water might not have a way to flow after it unfreezes if the gutters are not clean.

Can You Clean the Gutters Yourself?

It is possible to clean the gutters yourself if you’re on a budget or you like to do housework. If you decide to do it yourself, here are a few ways you can do it.

You can clean out the gutters by using a leaf blower. Before you start using the leafblower, make sure you take the precaution of using gloves, goggles, and a dust mask.

Get a gutter cleaning kit from your local home improvement store, which can attach to the leafblower.

You can also clean it by hand using a gutter scoop or trowel. Keep a bucket nearby so you can dispose of the debris.

If you prefer to have a professional clean the gutters, we can take care of it for you.

Gutter Maintenance: The Bottom Line

Now that you know the importance of gutter maintenance, it’s time you take care of business. Neglected gutters can cause water damage, roof damage, structural issues, and an unsightly home.

Are you ready to take care of your gutters? If so, contact us at G.H. Clark Contractors for a free gutters estimate.

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