The Right Door: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Door for Your Home in Calvert County

Doors, especially front doors, serve as the central focal point for your home. It doesn’t matter how well you keep your lawn manicured, how often you clean the windows or the age of your roof. If you ignore your exterior doors long enough, they’ll end up detracting from the curb appeal of your home.

Investing in a new door makes your home look more attractive but it also adds value to your home. New doors can transform the exterior of your home, but how do you choose?

Read our guide to selecting the perfect door. Whether you’re considering a new front door, patio door, or your home needs a fresh set of storm doors, you’ll find a range of helpful tips in today’s post.

Common Types of Doors

Front doors, side doors, back doors, and garage doors. They don’t look identical but they share the same function.

Doors separate one space from another. Whether a door provides secure passage from the garage to the kitchen, or it shields the inside of your home from the rest of the world, its primary function remains the same.

What’s unique about doors is the materials manufacturers use to construct them. Generally, you’ll have 3 options when it comes to door materials.


If you’re going for the high-end look enjoyed by many homes in Calvert County, consider a wood door. Wood doors do need a little extra TLC (routine paint or varnish) but solid wood does a great job of resisting the wear and tear caused by weather and daily use.


Not as expensive as wood doors but still resistant to the elements, steel doors offer security and energy efficiency. You won’t need to paint them regularly but if they get a dent, you will need to paint promptly. Speaking of dents, steel doors are more susceptible to dents and scratches, meaning extra repair jobs over the lifetime of the door.


Savvy homeowners like fiberglass doors because they’re practical. They hold up against weather better than steel, aren’t prone to dents, and don’t need a huge amount of maintenance. With their moderate price and high level of durability, fiberglass doors often make the most sense when looking for door replacements.

Now that you know a little more about the 3 most common types of doors, we’ll share a few tips on choosing specific doors for your home, starting with the front entryway door.

Life Begins at the Front Door

Since the front door not only welcomes people to your home, it protects you and your family, you’ll want to take extra care when choosing a replacement.

Start by thinking about your style and the design of your home. For a traditional-style home, you may enjoy the classic look offered by the wood-paneled door. As we’ve already mentioned, you’ll pay more for a wood door than either steel or fiberglass.

If you like the look of stained wood but prefer a more affordable door, consider fiberglass for your entryway. You’ll start with the basic door and can personalize the panel style, add decorative glass, and you can customize even more by painting the door in your favorite color.

Pay close attention to the size of your entryway. Front doors come in standard sizes meaning if you buy from a home improvement store, you’re limited to an 80” x 36” door. If you have a larger entry or have other non-standard design elements, you’ll need a larger door.

Consider professional installation for your entryway door. A door company will offer a range of sizes and their installation expertise, which always results in less stress for you.

The Perfect Patio Door

Another area where you can customize your door buying experience is the patio. Patio doors create the transition from your indoor living space to the great outdoors. A patio door offers security but also floods your living space with plenty of natural light.

Most homeowners choose vinyl sliding patio doors. Vinyl doors require minimum maintenance and make a durable, safe door solution. Vinyl sliders work well in any climate and under the harshest weather conditions.

You can also buy wood, fiberglass, or aluminum patio doors. Before making your final decision about the materials you prefer for your sliding doors, consult with your door company and go over things like cost, durability, and maintenance as you’ll find significant differences between each type of material.

If you’re interested in a more customized door option, consider swinging patio doors. Swinging doors are available in 3 styles:

  • French
  • Garden
  • Center-Hinged

If you enjoy a touch of elegance, choose French doors. For a contemporary look, center-hinged and garden patio doors operate with one fixed panel.

Shelter from the Storm Doors

If you haven’t installed storm doors at your home, you’re missing out on fresh air and the opportunity to protect your exterior doors from both weather and normal wear and tear. A storm door also helps with energy efficiency during both the heating and cooling seasons.

Choosing the ideal storm doors starts with knowing the difference between storm doors and screen doors. It’s not uncommon to hear the two terms thrown around for both but there’s a difference between the two.

The only purpose for a screen door is letting light and fresh in while keeping bugs out. Although most storm doors do have a screen, they also have glass panels, which remain closed during inclement weather.

You’ll have the option of vinyl-clad, steel-clad, or aluminum storm doors. These doors are also available in full-view and half-view models.

Like regular entry doors, storm doors come in different sizes. You can also install them for either right or left side opening.

Keep in mind, unlike entry doors, storm doors aren’t pre-hung. They come unassembled in the box meaning it’s up to you to put them together before installation. Some don’t come with the handleset.

Need Help Selecting Replacement Doors?

Whether you’re looking for front doors, patio doors, or doors to help you weather the rain, ice, and snow common for residents in Calvert County, don’t let the process of choosing the perfect door overwhelm you. Reading this guide is a great start, but you’ll likely have questions before you make your final decision.

We’re here to help you work through replacement door selection. Our specialists can help clarify details about the various types of doors that work best for homes in your area. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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