Digital Deadbolt Locks

Digital Deadbolt

The Sunnect AP501 Advanced Protection digital deadbolt lock is designed to provide the highest level of security for your home. Although the first impression you would have when you see the AP501 is its beautiful style, as you study the details of its structure, material, and engineering design, you will conclude that the AP501 is one tough security device.
  • Protects against lock-picking or vandalism sand, gum, glue, etc.) by eliminating the conventional keyhole.
  • Designed to withstand kicking, sawing, hammering, and prying.
  • Lost or stolen Tag Keys, which cannot be duplicated, can easily be deleted from the lock, immediately rendering the missing keys useless.
  • Convenient keyless entry using a passcode that can be 3 to 20 digits.
  • Auto lock feature that automatically locks your door when it is closed. It can be turned off during times of high traffic through the door.
  • Matches the beauty of your home with 3 most popular finishes.
  • Guaranteed to fit all standard American doors so that you only need a Phillips screwdriver to install the lock.
  • Master function using a master passcode and master Tag Key is included.
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