Installing Picture Windows? Here’s What You Need to Know About Size, Type, and Cost

Replacing your old windows is an affordable and relatively hassle-free way to boost your home’s value. Even though you don’t plan to sell or rent out your house, new windows can breathe new life into your home.

In properties with gorgeous views, many homeowners prefer installing a picture window to maximize these views. The large, fixed window design perfectly connects the indoor living space and the beautiful outside surroundings.

If you’re keen on having a picture window installed to upgrade your home, this article shares essential tips.

Picture Window Sizes

Picture windows are designed to be large windows with a pane of clear glass that isn’t broken up by a crossed frame. The standard height of a picture window ranges from 1 ft to 8ft. Picture windows also come in the following widths: 2, 3, 4, 6, and 8 ft.

A large picture window can reach 72 inches (6 ft) in both height and width. If you plan to get something bigger, you need to consult your trusted contractor to discuss the custom sizes available and how much they would cost.

Popular Picture Window Types

picture windows

Picture windows vary according to the materials. Some of the popular ones are:

  • Wooden Picture Windows: This window frame offers a classic aesthetic that many people desire, making this picture window popular and expensive. Wooden picture windows are strong but may require regular maintenance to keep them weather-resistant.
  • Aluminum Picture Windows: This is lightweight, durable, and highly resistant to weathering. The aluminum window frame is available in many shapes. Aluminum picture windows are perfect for homeowners looking for a modern and polished look for their abode.
  • Vinyl Picture Windows: Vinyl windows are the most affordable, so they’re especially suited for buyers with a tight budget. Vinyl picture windows are fairly durable and easy to maintain.
  • Fiberglass Picture Windows: This type of window provides a nice mix of sturdiness and affordability. Fiberglass frames are long-lasting, energy-efficient, and do not bend or warp. They can also be painted over.

A major factor that impacts the cost is the pane. The price varies based on its level of energy efficiency.

Picture Window Costs

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Picture windows may cost $65 to $700 depending on the size, material, and labor involved. On average, homeowners pay around $350 for a 3 ft x 4 ft vinyl picture window with a single glass pane and a standard pane.

The most significant expense associated with installing a picture window is the frame material. Here are the average costs of each frame material:

  • Wood: $600 to $1,900
  • Aluminum: $250 to $800
  • Vinyl: $200 to $749
  • Fiberglass: $550 to $1600

Apart from the material, another major factor that impacts the cost is the pane. The price usually varies based on the pane’s level of energy efficiency. Here are the average costs of some popular panes.

  • Single Pane: This window has one layer of glass and glazing. It’s the least energy-efficient option, but the low cost makes it appealing to many homeowners.

Price range: $175 to $425

  • Double Pane: This window has two layers of glass and glazing. Double panes are considered the standard and provide a basic amount of insulation.

Price range: $200 to $650

  • Laminated Glass: This kind of pane is considered five times stronger than basic glass. The design allows the window to withstand strong forces and high impact from things like bullets. It’s also known to block noise and UV rays.

Price range: $400 to $875

  • Argon-Filled Glass: This kind of glass is one of the most expensive and provides better insulation than most other panes.

Price range: $400 to $875

  • Low-E: This kind of glass pane is specifically designed to reduce sunlight and UV light. It’s coated with a layer of metallic oxides that minimize energy loss by almost 50%.

Price range: $375 to $850

Picture windows provide an amazing way to admire the beauty of nature from inside the house and brighten up any room. Having a picture window installed can reap rewards for your home and your mental wellbeing.

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