Under Deck Waterproofing Systems

Under Deck Waterproofing Systems

Decking is made up of a whole lot of wood that can be easily compromised if rainwater is allowed to saturate it. To avoid your deck from being compromised by the elements, you’ll need to install an under deck waterproofing system. 

What Is Under Deck Waterproofing Systems?

The space between your deck and the decking boards is a very compromised area. Here is where all rainwater will collect and, if there is not a suitable waterproofing system in place, slowly begin to eat away at the wood. A waterproofing system will allow the water to dry much more quickly and save your entire deck from danger. 


The most common deck waterproofing system is made from a sheet of high-quality membrane, a gutter, and downspouts. The membrane creates rivets that collect the rain and leads the water to the gutter which then takes it to a drainage system thanks to the downspouts. 

Another popular waterproofing system is decking flanges. These divert water through decking boards with the use of tiny gutters. These gutters carry the water to the edge of the deck so that the water can run off and away from your decking without creating any damage. 

Finally, you can implement an under-deck ceiling for a waterproofing system. These are made from panels of plastic or metal that can catch the water before it gets too far below your deck. The added benefit that comes with under-deck ceilings is that you can store your belongings underneath with the peace of mind that they won’t get damaged from water. 

How Much Does Under Deck Waterproofing Systems Cost?

We cannot put an exact price on how much your under deck waterproofing system will cost because there are many factors that will affect the final cost. For starters, the type of waterproofing system you choose will affect the price due to the difficulty of installation and the number of materials used to make it. 

You should also consider the size of your deck. If you have a large deck that needs a waterproof system completely underneath it, you will need to pay more than if you were to have a smaller deck. 

When placing an under deck waterproofing system it is usually required for the deck to be removed, or at least the first layer of boards. This allows the system to be installed properly so that there are no imperfections that you can see from above the deck. How difficult it is to remove these boards will also affect the overall bill. 

GH Clark offers three payment options for you to choose from if you’d prefer to pay for your under deck waterproofing system over the course of several months. This offer has become invaluable to many of our customers and we’re happy to help in any way that we can. 

Why GH Clark Is The Best Option For Under Deck Waterproofing Systems

GH Clark doesn’t only offer under deck waterproofing systems, but we also offer plenty of other services concerning decks and porches. Our qualified manufacturers are all-knowing when it comes to decks – we know what’s best to protect your outdoor area. 

Waterproofing systems are incredibly important. If you’re unaware of the damp creeping across the wood beneath the top layer of your deck, you could find yourself falling through it unexpectedly. As you can’t see where the water would harm the deck the most, you need to be able to put your complete trust in your under deck waterproofing system provider. 

Over 3,000 homeowners have worked with us in the past and can say how happy they are with our work. GH Clark takes pride in everything we do, and creating your under deck waterproofing system is no different. 

However, if you are unsatisfied with our waterproofing system we do offer a warranty on the materials used and the labor taken to install it. Although this is in place to protect your investment, we are confident that you won’t need to fall back on your warranty. All of our team are highly qualified and happy to improve your home. 

Areas GH Clark Covers For Under Deck Waterproofing Systems

Under deck waterproofing systems are needed for decks in even the sunniest of areas, which is why we cover 19 areas all over the USA. We are based in Prince Frederick, so if you’re close by you can come and say hi, but we also have showrooms in all of the below areas. 

If you’re interested in coming to take a look at our showroom, want to book an appointment to talk about your under deck waterproofing system, or would like to know more about our payment plans, give us a ring! You can call at (410) 414-7060, Monday through Friday. 

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